Rendesco fund the full design, installation and maintenance of heat pump systems for non-domestic properties in the UK, all free of charge to the property owner.

We cover everything from system design through to operational maintenance and servicing for the 20 year period, The funded package includes the borehole array, heat pumps and associated equipment up to and including the buffer tank.

We retain ownership of the heat pump system and lease the plant room for 20 years. All works are carried out by our sister company The Renewable Design Company (RDC) who are also responsible for maintaining and servicing the heat pump system during this period and ensuring the system provides all necessary heating and hot water to the building.

Rendesco receive payments from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) as a return on our investment. After 20 years the whole system passes to the end client, although the system life expectancy is greater than 20 years.

For new build properties Rendesco must also design & install the heating & hot water distribution system to ensure that it maintains compatibility with the heat pump system and remains eligible for accreditation by the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme.


Benefits to our clients

Here are just a few of the benefits this scheme can provide you:

  • Free design & installation worth £250K+ per site.
  • Free maintenance for 20 years.
  • Considerably cheaper running costs compared to alternatives.
  • Only pay for the heat that you use.
  • Improved BREEAM/CODE ratings.
  • No planning considerations.
  • Reduced carbon emissions.
  • Cooling can be added for small additional charge.
  •  Minimise risk – if the system does not perform then we will not be paid.
  • Focus on your business while we worry about operation, management and risks associated with the heating systems.



Any non-domestic premises is eligible for RHI payments, these include Retirement homes, hospitals, Leisure centres and Sporting facilities, factories, Universities or Schools, Charities, Country estate buildings, office buildings, Shopping centres and any other building used for business activities.

We can also provide district heating systems for housing developments.


How It Works

Stage 1 – Design & Preliminaries

  • Heating, hot water & cooling load established and GSHP system specified.
  • Geology assessed and borehole field sized.
  • Plant room size established.
  • Installation programme agreed upon.
  • Leases signed.


Stage 2 – External Works

  • Drilling team mobilized.
  • Boreholes drilled in agreed positions.
  • Each borehole is pressure tested & signed off.
  • Manifold chamber pit excavated & manifold chamber installed.
  • All boreholes are headered up in manifold chamber.
  • Flow & return from manifold chamber to plant room installed.
  • Whole system is pressure tested and signed off.

Stage 3 – Internal works

  • At first fix stage we install distribution pipework within building e.g. through corridors.
  • At second fix stage we complete mechanical installation of heating/hot water distribution system.
  • Once plant room is weather proof and slab laid we stage mechanical plant room installation.
  • Heat pumps, buffer tank & hot water cylinder put in position.
  • Once power is available we will complete wiring of heat pump system in plant room is.
  • Heat pump system & heating/hot water distribution system commissioned.
  • Ongoing maintenance and servicing carried out by us.