About Us

Rendesco was set up to allow investors to benefit from the growth in renewable heating in the UK. Our focus is on heat pump technologies which will form a large part of the UK’s future heating plans as we move towards cleaner energy.

Our portfolio offers our investors great returns at low risk. We currently own and operate more than 50 heat pumps sites around the UK saving an estimated 2,136,910kg of CO² per year. Our current pipeline will increase the number of projects to over 100 by 2021 with an income stream of £44million over the 20 year period. Market growth is expected to continue at a fast pace beyond this point.

Established in 2013, Rendesco’s principal activity is the design, installation and maintenance of renewable ground source heat pump systems for clients in the new build retirement home sector. Rendesco works with the leading operators in that market, all of whom have significant growth plans.

Rendesco has developed a compelling offer for its clients, which involves the design, installation and maintenance of the ground source heat pump system for 20 years – all free of charge to the property owner. The fully funded package includes site design, the drilling of boreholes, installation of all pipework and other external works, ground source heat pumps and associated buffer tank and heat exchange equipment within the client’s plant room. The client receives renewable heat from the system, which is then typically used for central heating, hot water and underfloor heating.

Rendesco retains ownership of the entire heat pump system and leases the client’s plant room for 20 years. Rendesco is responsible for maintaining and servicing the heat pump system during this period and ensuring the system provides heat and hot water to the client’s building. Rendesco then receives payments under the UK government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme over 20 years which provides a return on its investment. The RHI payments are guaranteed for the 20-year period and are index linked to protect
against inflation.