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Ambient Heat Network

What is an Ambient Heat Network?

The proposed funded solution is called an Ambient Heat Network (sometimes referred to as a 5th generation heat network) using ground source heat pumps. With an Ambient Heat Network, each property has its own individual heat pump which provides 100% of the heating, hot water and cooling. It is connected to a borehole heat source array, which circulates at an ambient temperature to avoid wasteful heat loss to the environment.

  • Individual, small ground source heat pumps within each house
  • Energy from the boreholes is distributed to each heat pump
  • Shared borehole heat source funded, owned and operated by us
Ambient Heat Network diagram

The benefits of a Ground Source Ambient Heat Network

  •  No need for expensive, pre-insulated pipe and no hot water circulation(legionella risk) angle-right
  • Easy integration similar to other utility infrastructure angle-right
  • Active cooling is available from the Ambient Heat Network angle-right
  • System runs at lowest temperature at all times, significantly increasing the efficiency angle-right
  • Heat pumps and hot water storage are owned by the homeowners
Ambient Heat Network benefits diagram

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