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Even the best designed heat pump systems are only as good as the installation. At Rendesco, our installation teams include highly qualified engineers who understand the theory behind the design that they are expected to implement. 

Our commitment to using high quality parts and never cutting corners ensures that our heat pump systems are built to last. Carefully considered positioning of plant and serviceable equipment makes ongoing maintenance much easier and increases the life of your system. 

The heat pump installation process will typically follow these stages

Heat pump plant room planning - Rendesco Leading Heat Pump Contractor

Project Analysis

Our engineers take time to study and understand the whole system design. They check that they understand the operational intention of each part of the design and that there aren’t any practical challenges that require feedback from the system designer. 

Rendesco Leading Heat Pump Contractor

Plant Room Planning

Once the mechanical schematic has been understood, the installation team will plan out the plant room layout according to the design drawings. They will ensure that all system controls and serviceable parts are accessible.

Rendesco Leading Heat Pump Contractor - Pressure test heat pump


Once the plant and pipework is fitted, the system is pressure tested to confirm there aren’t any leaks.

Rendesco Leading Heat Pump Contractor - Heat pump installtion flush and fill

Flushing and Filling

The pipework is flushed out, the strainers are cleaned to remove any debris, and the system is filled and air is removed.

Rendesco Leading Heat Pump Contractor - Heat pump installation wiring

Wiring and Commissioning

The final step requires our electrical engineers to wire the system, followed by our commissioning engineer who will test and demonstrate that the system operates as intended.

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